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DRIFT CONSULT LTD is a Computer Information and Technology establishment aimed at providing automation for businesses within a wide range of industries. We focus in providing software solutions for Mobile, Web, POS and Desktop platforms. By providing simple but sophisticated, user friendly and stable solution we ensure the client/end-user is catered for.

Our solutions have an edge that drifts away from the traditional processes to bring in better customer centric functionalities that ensure that the experience is different and work is done.

The Drift team of experienced professionals boasts in churning out reliable systems that are dynamically designed and adapt to change. With our 24/7 support, issues raised can be resolved timely because we understand the importance of availability and business continuity.

Our mission is to drive ultimate customer success with their IT investments through relentless innovation of its products.


J-Factory is a custom built desktop application for Jungle Nuts (Thika). The application automates the End-to-End production line for the existing 7 factories, and to revolutionize the payment process. With underlying payment generation algorithms, staff members are paid entirely based on effort put in rather than the traditional flat rates which ensures efficiency in the work place. With third-party integrations to Biometric, Notification and digital payment platforms, seamless operation is achieved and with minimal human intervention.  Below are some of the major features;

  1. Multi-tenant capabilities (Dynamic configurations of multiple entities)
  2. Employee Data management
  3. Payroll Processing
  4. Biometric Time Attendance integrations
  5. Instant Notifications
  6. Reporting

Bayes Financial Services

Send money, pay bills, buy airtime, pay merchants and get a loan all in one place.

Bayes is a mobile only digital account built to enrich one’s financial life. It enables fast and easy account opening processes and has unique tools that keep up with the daily lifestyle.

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QMax Construction

Qmax is a web-based  application built to automate processes in the construction industry. With a notable gap in record keeping and accountability, construction companies have had to live with these problems which in return expose them to issues like worker inefficiency on sites, ghost workers, mismanagement of materials, and delays in construction.

The system brings in the aspect of organization to the construction companies, covering all the existing loopholes. With the application’s responsiveness, field operations are made easier since all features are accessible from a tablet.

Below are some outlined features;

  1. Multi-Tenant capabilities(Ability to host multiple construction companies)
  2. Project Management
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Site Management
  5. Material and Task Scheduling
  6. Worker record management & Daily register
  7. Reporting

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Drift Consult

Our mission is to drive ultimate customer success with their IT investments through relentless innovation of its products.

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